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Welcome to Dudley at Home - the way to look for a rented home in the Dudley Borough



The Council has recently reviewed its policy on the allocation of housing and made some changes. We receive approximately five times as many housing applications each week than there are homes becoming vacant, and we have a duty to ensure that we help those in the most need. If someone is urgently in need of accommodation, then we will do our best to offer help and support.

We have reduced the number of bands from 7 to 5, and some customers will find that their application has moved down to Band 5. For full details of the changes please see our website:

If your application is affected, you can see your new band on your Dudley at Home account.

*Following these changes there are now many customers with the same band and band start date (9th February 2022) who are all showing the same queue position instead of being sorted into order of application date. Final queue positions are therefore not currently accurate. We apologise that this is misleading for customers and we have asked our ICT supplier to address this issue as a matter of urgency.

For properties where this happens allocations continue to be made in order of the earliest application date (i.e. those who have been on the housing register the longest).

Customers who are being considered for an offer will be contacted directly.

Customers who have been unsuccessful due to the offer being made to a customer with an earlier application date will see that they have been skipped when logging into their accounts.

We are continuing to advertise, repair and re-let empty homes safely in accordance with government guidelines.  We are carrying out risk assessments to protect both our officers and customers, and we may prioritise our work in accordance with housing needs. We will continue to keep customers informed of progress with properties they have been offered.

If you are looking for housing in the Dudley borough one option is rented accommodation. Dudley at Home lists properties that are available from Dudley Council and other registered social landlords (housing associations) in the Dudley borough.

You can use this website to:

Anyone can view currently available properties using the property search.

However, if you want to apply for a property (known as bidding) you need to join the Dudley Housing Register. Click here for more information.

If you would like further help to use Dudley at Home please click here or contact Dudley Council Plus.

Bids and offers of accommodation

Please ensure that you only place bids on properties you are genuinely interested in.

If you bid for a property and are contacted about an offer which you then refuse this will be counted as a refusal. Your application will be suspended and you will be unable to bid for properties in the following two cycles.

For more information about the bidding process click here.

Bidding by DigiTV is also available. Dudley Council's DigiTV site can be accessed by residents with any digital interactive television package such as Sky and Virgin Media. The 'Dudley at Home' link is on the homepage of the site. 

Customers who own or are considering purchasing a mobility scooter are advised to read storage and safety information on the DMBC website before placing bids. Click here and click on the Mobility Scooters link for further information.

Should you decide to accept a property you will be required to pay rent in advance at the sign up appointment. This will be one week, two weeks or one month depending how your benefit or salary is paid. Please note our preferred method of rent payment is direct debit so you will need to bring details of your bank account number and bank sort code with you to the appointment. The Council operates a Housing Benefit scheme to assist tenants on low incomes. If you would like further information please call 0300 555 8100


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