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Welcome to Dudley at Home - the way to look for a rented home in the Dudley Borough
  • Applicants are advised that their final shortlisting position will be correct as of Tuesday at 9am. This is to ensure that all bids from the website, text, telephone and digitv are collated correctly.

  • Our website is packed with useful information to help you find you a suitable home. You can use this website to:

  • The welfare benefits system in the UK is undergoing major changes. If you claim housing benefit then these changes may affect you.

  • Please click here for further information:  Housing Benefits  

Shared Housing for young people aged 18-35

Are you looking to move out of your existing home but worried that you can’t afford to?

Aged 18-35?  Take a look at our shared housing option.

By paying a set weekly amount for your utilities (gas, electricity etc) this may be a more affordable option for you.  If you are on a low income, the rent element of your weekly charge may be covered in part or full by housing benefit.  We can also help you to decide if this is an affordable option for you.   

Available from January 2015 onwards. For more information click here.

Coming Soon - New Extra Care Housing Scheme Lime Gardens off Slade Road Cradley.

We are currently consulting on the Lettings Plan for this new scheme and will welcome comments. Please click here for further information

Expressions of interest are invited from people who are interested in moving to the scheme.

If you are currently on Dudley's Housing Register please contact our Housing Liaison Team on 01384 811450 to register your interest.

If you are not on our Housing Register and are only interested in Extra Care Housing please contact Midland Heart direct on 0800 44 55 67. 

   New Development - Friars Gate Dudley (former North Priory)

  • We are advertising properties on this new development. All properties will be allocated in accordance with the local lettings plan.

  • For further details click here: Friars Gate

Bids and offers of accommodation

Please ensure that you only place bids on properties you are genuinely interested in.

If you bid for a property and are contacted about an offer which you then refuse this will be counted as a refusal. Your application will be suspended and you will be unable to bid for properties in the following two cycles.

After 3 unreasonable refusals customers will generally have their applications deferred and be unable to bid for 6 months.

Out of borough customers will have their applications cancelled after refusing one offer.

Customers accepted as homeless will be advised by their Case Manager as necessary.

Dudley operates a banding scheme.

You may still bid for up to three homes per week. The majority of homes advertised are open to any band, and are likely to be let to people in the highest bands- 1, 2 and 3.

Some homes are marked for specific bands, this is to ensure that the supply of homes to bands 3, 4 and 6 represents a fair share to people who have multiple needs, or who have been waiting for a long time.

We will be reviewing the share of homes to each band at least once every twelve months to make sure that it is fair. Overall, the council has far fewer homes available than there are people wanting them, but we do our best to prioritise people in the most housing need, and to recognise those who have waited longest.

For more information on our lettings policy click here: Lettings Policy

If you are looking for housing in the Dudley borough one option is rented accommodation.

Dudley at Home lists properties that are available from Dudley Council and other registered social landlords (housing associations) in the Dudley Borough.

Anyone can view currently available properties using the property search. However, if you want to bid for a property you need to join Dudley Housing Register. For further information click here: Dudley Housing Register

Bidding by DigiTV is also available. Dudley Council's DigiTV site can be accessed by residents with any digital interactive television package such as Sky and Virgin Media (including Telewest and NTL). The 'Dudley at Home' link is on the homepage of the site. 


Dudley is a member of the UK's largest mutual exchange service HomeSwapper which offers to find existing tenants home swaps with tenants from anywhere in the country including other parts of the Dudley borough. Any Dudley Council tenant can join free of charge by registering at 

  • Dudley Council launches a new Mutual Exchange scheme - Let's Swap is the first local system for the West Midlands and has been developed by the WMBUS partnership (West Midlands Best Use of Stock).  There are 26 partners in WMBUS made up from Local Authorities and Housing Associations across the region.  In response to Welfare Reform and high demand for affordable housing an agreement has been made by the partnership to make best use of our stock to deal with common challenges and objectives including under-occupancy and over-crowding.

  • For further information goto Let's Swap , it is free to register for Dudley tenants and all social housing tenants in the area it serves. 

    If you are homeless you can find details of supported accommodation and services at

    Dudley at Home also advertises Private Rented Properties.Shared ownership property advertising will follow in the near future.  Please click How to Contact Us if you have any queries.

Contact us

 If you would like help to use Dudley at Home please contact our Area Housing Offices or Dudley Council Plus.
Click How to Contact Us for contact details and opening hours or click  Dudley At Home   to download a copy of our leaflet.

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